7 Tips to be more “Likeable”

Social media is quickly becoming the great equalizer when it comes to business. In essence any company can make a significant impact… if they know what they’re doing.

For example, let’s look at Facebook. What makes one company “likeable” versus another who may struggle to get their message out? The answers may surprise you. Here are 7 things you can do to be a Facebook force to contend with.

  1. ASK A QUESTION: Everyone likes to weigh in on a good question. It plays right into the readers ego because let’s face it, we all want to share our knowledge and opinions. Your customers will feel empowered, and you’ll get 100% more comments in the process.*
  2. ASK THE RIGHT WAY: How you position your question can make the difference between numerous comments and a lonely post. Check out this chart courtesy of Hubspot:7 Powerful Facebook Stats
  3. A PICTURE GETS A 1000 LIKES: 300 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day and with good reason: picture posts get 53% more likes, 104% more comments and an 84% higher click-through rate.**
  4. KEEP IT SHORT: Posts with 80 characters or less get 66% more engagement.* You have the average reader for about 15 seconds, so keep it interesting and to the point.
  5. TIMING IS EVERYTHING: Not only knowing when but how often to post is key. 86% of posts happen during the weekday, especially on Thursday and Friday. If you want to be seen, your best bet is to post in the early afternoon around 3pm.* Don’t oversaturate your customer’s pages either. You want to make an impact without annoying them so post every couple of days, with a max of 2 in one day.
  6. BE RELEVANT: Go ahead and bring in outside content to your page, just ensure it’s actually something that relates in some way to your business. Selling acoustical ceiling tiles and then posting puppy videos (no matter how cute) is just going to confuse your audience.
  7. MONITOR YOUR PAGE: Your customers may reach out to you through a private message or a post on your page, and that means opportunity! Quickly respond to your customers inquiries, even if they’re negative. Your followers will appreciate your personal interactions with them, especially in a digital world where it’s easy to feel like a number.

With just a little effort, you can make a big impact on your social media presence.

*Source: Kissmetrics

**Source: Hubspot

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