Skewed Questions – Skewed Data

Asking clients – or potential clients – for their input helps build a customer profile and will let you know where products and services on offer do or don’t measure up. It also makes customer and prospects feel like their opinions matter to you. But think about how you ask questions. If you go to […]

4 Ways to Get Your Customers to (Really) Like You

Everyone wants to be liked (especially Sally Field), so how do you get your customers to really like you? It’s a competitive world out there, and with social media, any failure can be detrimental to a corporation. If you make a mistake, most consumers would have their disappointment spread over the internet faster than Rosanne […]

Branding Health Check – Are you Listening?

When it comes to branding, one thing is integral to success: what your customers think. With the rise of the Internet of Things and easier access to your customer base, it should be simple to glean the information needed in order to meet customer expectations. However, many brands do not use the consumer data they’re […]

The Age of the Advocate

The key to advocacy is information. Honest, seemingly unvarnished information from people in the know. It’s a method of marketing that isn’t marketing, though it takes as much strategy as any other form of marketing. It isn’t new but it is getting more important.

360° of Marketing

You are a marketer, trying to find an agency as a helping hand to execute your campaign. You have multiple options on the table but are having a difficult time choosing an agency that would be the best fit for your needs. You are stuck between choosing agencies who are full service/integrated or highly specialized. […]

The ROI of CRM

NPS, CPL, B2B… in our world of sales and marketing jargon the acronyms are endless! One you might want to pay special attention to (if you’ve not already) is CRM— Customer Relationship Management. CRM acts as a one stop shop functioning as a data hub, sales tracker, and reporting tool all in one and is an essential […]

The New Customer Service is Self-Service

Customer self-service can be as frustrating as it is fabulous. Who hasn’t smugly sailed passed a long line because you checked-in the night before? In fact, 57% of people now use self-service check-in for their flights. The more we embrace self-service as companies and customers, the more intuitive and robust an experience it becomes, offering us choices in communication and access at our fingertips.