Massively Capable

It’s simple, really. We care about helping our clients surpass their objectives. After that, everything falls into line.

We leverage our extensive event background to provide accountable services tailored for each unique event experience. Sometimes these are unique. Sometimes they are large, scalable events. No matter what the campaign calls for, we run our events with measurement, scrutiny, and incredible discipline.

Delivered at Scale

When it’s time to make an impression, Starshot is capable of making anything come alive. From global product launches, to epic customer event experiences, to curated brand activations. Our agency is in a partnership with our clients, allowing us to better extend our thought leadership and help lead event strategy that integrates into the big marketing picture.

With thousands of events under our belt, you can trust our professionals to get it right.

Remarkably Effective

Expect to be amazed by our fast and agile culture. We don’t like red tape and bureaucracy because it gets in the way of focusing on results. To fight this, we embrace technology and business process that allows us to be more effective and efficient with our clients’ time and money. The typical side effect of our approach is that procurement departments love Starshot because we deliver significant value and cost integrity to our customers.

We Build Passion + Insight

Starshot works primarily with technology-driven clients looking to make an impression on their customers. Our unwavering focus has led the agency to deliver events all across the globe. What is different about Starshot events is that we seek the moments that astound and delight the emotions of people. We accomplish this by implementing event blueprints that map out every touch point, every risk and every opportunity to immerse your audience in the moment.

We Build Connections + Exclusivity

A great agency harnesses the power of emotionally, connective, audience-centric events to enable people to connect. To get them talking about the experience, sharing a real bond and landing a message that resonates. This doesn’t happen because of a lucky idea. It is a result of skilled event professionals that utilize experience design and best practices to develop the ideas that matter.

We Build Loyalty + Value

Amazing things happen when you focus on building loyalty. It forces you to put your own agenda aside and focus on your audiences needs, wants and desires. Starshot encourages clients to share knowledge and insight freely; to make events whimsical and fun; to help people discover the best of the best; and, to ignite their sense of wonder.

Great events are never easy. They take hard work and dedication. But it matters.