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Rethinking How Marketing Makes a Difference

Reaching a targeted audience with timely and relevant marketing campaigns is a complicated business.

That’s why it is a perfect job for Starshot. It takes an array of strategic insight, storytelling, disciplined delivery and meaningful analytics along with so many other subtle complexities to truly standout. When your next marketing campaign feels like an extraordinary challenge, Starshot is there to help.


We never lose sight of the importance of powerful ideas.


Our lean mind-set is focused on getting you to the finish line efficiently.

Turn Big and Complicated into Simple and Extraordinary

It takes a lot of insight from many disciplines to get extraordinary work done, one marketing brief at a time. Today’s marketers rely on big data, sales insights, creativity, social networks, inspiring content and a flood of digital marketing channels connecting with customers to influence a purchasing decision. So when you need to make sense of all this, you need an agency with the experience to steer you clear of all the headaches.

Built Specifically for Technology-Driven Organizations

Since 1999, we have been a strategic partner to the most recognizable technology brands in the world. They choose Starshot because we like solving their problems – taking things apart, seeing how they work and putting them back together, better. We lead the way in combining creativity and hands-on experience to solve the toughest sales and marketing challenges.

When a sales-mindset combines with marketing expertise, the impact can be incredible. Starshot focuses on creating customer demand through the right blend of digital marketing, demand generation and event marketing tactics that create impact where it matters.

Boost Market Share, Increase Revenue, Lower Costs, and Improve Performance

You can expect Starshot to be a trusted partner that asks the right questions that lead to better marketing results. We apply experienced thinking that comes from working alongside highly successful technology marketers and we use the best technologies and operational processes to execute marketing with predictable excellence. The work doesn’t stop at just great ideas and delivery, it’s about results and performance. So we don’t stop until you have the insight and analytics to support your return on marketing investment goals.

And These Guys

Starshot is rooted in a partnership that began in 1998 when two entrepreneurs crossed paths and saw eye-to-eye on building a business that specialized in marketing services without the self-congratulatory bluster, rhetoric and over priced retainers typically found in the agency industry. The two collaborated together with technology entrepreneurs to build marketing campaigns that were less about brand building and more about sales results. They quickly realized that this line of thinking was striking the right chord with clients, particularly those responsible for lead generation KPI’s. The final piece of the puzzle was complete when Starshot embraced cutting-edge technology to build an infrastructure uniquely able to scale up marketing campaigns without scaling up costs. From one small office, the agency has grown into an international B2B marketing firm with global experience that has delivered 1000’s of multi-disciplinary campaigns and has been selected as an Agency of Record for clients such as Microsoft, HP, Intuit and many more.

Brad Friesen

Brad Friesen takes great pride in working with business owners and marketers to discover how strategic thinking and execution planning combine to create high impact sales-driven marketing programs. He personally consults with executives responsible for growing their global portfolios and hundreds of entrepreneurs seeking to hit the next plateau with their business. His areas of expertise include marketing strategy, demand generation, technology platforms, operations, marketing process and design thinking. Brad is the proud owner of Charlie, Starshot Toronto’s unofficial doggy in-residence and chief cockapoo of stress removal.

Brad Dalgarno

Brad Dalgarno is a trusted advisor who is passionate about making our clients’ brands shine through insightful, honest counsel. He takes great pride not only in the quality of the work the agency delivers but the relationships earned along the way. His 9 years playing in the NHL for the New York Islanders taught him not to take individual or team success for granted, especially in high pressure situations. It also proved that work and play are forever linked. Building and empowering a team to enact a finely honed vision is just the beginning. Brad knows success is earned every minute of every day on the ice or in the boardroom.

Values Matter Most

The heart of Starshot resides in our values.

These are the basis of our culture, the reason for our existence and the ultimate promise to our customers. We stand behind these values as the final test for all the behaviours and decisions of everyone who is part of Starshot.