The Value of Pessimists

There’s nothing I love more than hearing somebody tell my why something can’t be done. Okay, there are really a lot of things I love more. The point is, I’ve really come to realize the value of those frowny little conversational storm-clouds we all have in our lives. I was once inclined to dismiss them, […]

Inside the Space Van

There’s a difference between obsessive behavior and true passion. Passion spills out. It enhances every faction of your life and everything you’re passionate about, in turn, informs what we do from day to day. Passion will keep you going when obsession has long worn out. It’s that passion that makes you able to plow through […]


Lead with your most important message. Don’t waste time on long introductions. Listen, this isn’t the 1800s anymore. People used to have time to spend the first thirty pages of a novel reading about a black horse standing in a field at night before the actual plot got started. Life moves faster now. You’re busy, […]

Starshot Delivers on Back-to-Back TIFF Extravaganza’s in 2014

With another year of the Toronto International Film Festival behind us, we are happy to reflect on a successful TIFF Party season. Our event team can take a deep breath and focus on a busy fall calendar ahead knowing that the bar for our TIFF parties has been raised yet again.

Glenn Young Named SVP, Sport and Lifestyle

August 18, 2014 – Starshot is pleased to announce the recent hire of Glenn Young as Senior Vice President, Sport and Lifestyle. Glenn is a 20 year industry veteran in sports and entertainment marketing and will oversee the development of Starshot’s sports and lifestyle marketing practice.

Telling the Starshot Story

What it means to be an agency has changed irreversibly driven by the accessibility of powerful marketing tools and the wholesale empowerment of the customer. Traditional models aren’t changing, they are long-dead and they suffered a gory, ham-fisted demise. Good riddance we say.