Keeping the Romance In Your Marketing

Business development and marketing is most often tied towards the end result which is getting the sale.  But in keeping with human nature, we default to crossing the finish line  and getting the sale in the shortest possible way with the minimal of effort.

So our marketing becomes like a bad pick-up artist in a bar.  Sure their bad lines might work once in a while but if it does the result is typically short-term relationships filled with regrets. Sadly, the good customers  can spot this over-eager approach a mile away and will avoid you like the plague.

What we all really want is long-term, sustainable relationships with our clients and this means that marketers need to understand how to be alluring.  Nobody wants to work with anyone whose sole intent is to take your money and ring up a sale as quickly as possible.…

So what are the characteristics of the romantic marketer?

  • They understand that the more they give of themselves, the more appealing they become
  • They exude confidence and success without having to openly declare this
  • They put their self-interest aside and focus on you (the customer)
  • They speak with clarity in a genuine voice
  • They are interesting, funny, engaging and inspiring
  • They have a positive, meaningful existence
  • They stand out and have unique personalities

Romantic marketers invest in the future by learning to out-teach the competition.  They know that willingly giving up knowledge with the purpose of helping customers and prospects is a certain way to expand the number of people genuinely interested in their business. They also demonstrate consistently that they care more and are willing to invest in the relationship with transparent motives.

The romantic marketer is customer-centric to the core.

It isn’t about them. They don’t do it for the money, they do it for the customer. They are there to serve with a sincere interest in your problems and are willing to spend the time being helpful and valuable.  Their events are purposeful and beneficial, their emails are informative and passionate, their advertising is genuine and engaging.  A romantic marketer simply loves what they do and are eager to serve the needs of their customer base as the primary purpose.


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