Everything I Buy, I Buy Because Of Remarketing

I’m on the Weather Network site, and there it is: a red long sleeve t-shirt with a Felix the Cat print on it. I want it, and I’m going to buy it, and the internet reminds me of these two facts because ever since I looked at it the first time, it has popped up as an ad everywhere I go.

The same goes for a used 1970s electric guitar I looked at.

And a vinyl reissue of Money Jungle, a jazz album recorded by Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus, and Max Roach.

I am going to buy all of these things. Why? Remarketing.


Remarketing won’t convince anyone to purchase something they don’t already want or need. What it will do is nudge someone who is thinking of buying something into wanting to buy it because they think about purchasing it all the time.

Look at it this way. I was already there. Either I clicked on an ad, or I looked it up myself. Showing it to me some more just keeps me there. Or, in marketing lingo, which we all use because we all love it, it keeps me engaged.

What do we know about engagement? What’s the one thing engagement drives? That’s right- conversions. I may have left the page about the red longsleeve Felix the Cat t-shirt, but when I see it as I check the weather (I ride my bike to work every day, so I check the weather constantly), when I see it on SEO blogs (I work in SEO so I’m checking those constantly as well- it’s the work equivalent of checking the weather), when I see it on the guitar website where I was looking at the used 1970s electric guitar which I am also going to buy- I become more familiar with it. It’s in front of me every day. Several times every day. And because I already wanted it, I want it even more. I don’t hate seeing it- it’s a nice shirt! Follow me everywhere on the internet, shirt I don’t own yet.

Stay Top-Of-Mind

I already bought a shirt, which I love, from another company. So, it’s like we’re friends. You know how you start going to a coffee shop by your office enough, you feel like the staff are your friends, and you feel bad if you try that new place the same distance from the office but in the other direction? It’s a bit like that. I feel like the red Felix the Cat shirt company is thinking of me. Maybe they even made that shirt with me in mind. It sure feels that way. I’m more likely to buy it because the company and I? We’re friends.

OK, I hear someone in the back saying “But Matt, we don’t sell red Felix the Cat shirts or jazz records or electric guitars, we sell enterprise-level solutions to multinational corporations.” Everything I have just said about the shirt and the guitar remains true. Your customers are visiting your website, they may have even purchased from you in the past; they already want your product. They may even think of you as their friend. Why not stay in their mind?

Stay top-of-mind. Build a relationship. Drive conversions. Watch your marketing ROI increase.


Remarketing is marketing too. Contact us.

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