What Makes Good Design Great?

Good design is somewhat fundamental, and often gets lost in clutter. Great design has the potential to draw your audience in and create a lasting emotional connection to your product, service or brand. That is what makes great design worth the investment. So how can we use design to be more deliberate in our approach to creating marketing campaigns that are compelling, relevant and inspiring?

Ask the right questions

There is often a rush to move a project forward quickly, but it is important to ask a few vital questions first:

  • Who is your Audience? How do they currently engage with your product or service? All elements of design should be carefully considered to support the answers to these questions.
  • Why should they care? How is your product or service relevant? Consider the problem your audience is trying to solve and how you can stay top of mind.
  • What would you like them to do? Be clear and direct in your communications, don’t waste their time on messaging that never gets to the point.

At first glance one may wonder what asking the right questions has to do with design, but if you can’t define the problem you risk developing a solution that looks pretty good but fails to meet the marketing objectives and connect with the intended audience.

The ‘why’ always matters.

Push beyond the expected

With digital communications design becomes an even more important factor in creating an emotional connection to drive behavior. It can do a lot of the heavy lifting. You only have a few moments to hold someone’s attention and stand out against the competition. When given this opportunity design can help you find ways to delight and surprise.

When you prioritize the ‘why’ behind your marketing tactics, you give design the power to:

  • Make you feel something
  • Enhance an experience
  • Simplify complexity
  • Build credibility
  • Solidify a purchase decision
  • Build brand loyalty

With the right focus and attention to detail, design creates memorable informed experiences, so your audience is eager to engage with you.  Here’s are some tips to get you started:

Leverage best design practices

  • Write engaging content: Make it relevant, give it personality
  • Use compelling visuals to connect, build curiosity, and stand out
  • Enhance your design with clean typography
  • Drive to the CTA: Make it clear to your audience what you want them to do
  • Optimize the experience


Starshot champions great design that takes marketing campaigns to the next level.

Don’t you want your marketing efforts to do that?

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