Starshot Profile: Angie Anderson

Lead of Starshot’s Demand Generation practice, Angie Anderson looks beyond immediate client needs to anticipate long-term business objectives. An equal mix of visionary, motivator and competitive athlete, Angie tackles everything with her signature gusto.

Born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario, Angie’s entrepreneurial inclinations were quickly revealed in her years studying commerce at Trent University. She balanced her academic pursuits with owning two small businesses and upon graduation, swiftly transitioned her efforts into her career. Her role as a small business owner led Angie to a position at The Mississauga Business Enterprise Centre, where she sparked the entrepreneurial spirit of other small business owners. In a consultant capacity, Angie mentored entrepreneurs by reviewing strategies, offering counsel and challenging them to take their plans to the next level. She also spearheaded a program targeting at-risk youth, helping to channel their energy towards fulfilling, productive entrepreneurial projects.

Angie segued into the agency side of the business, focusing on the electrical distribution, logistics and transportation sectors, before joining Starshot. She frequently draws upon these roots today.

In her current role, she focuses on driving meaningful engagement with her ever-growing Toronto and Chicago based team. Angie looks forward to what clients do after making initial contact, fostering ways to create and sustain demand for their products and services. Her insight into the dynamics of complex sales cycles, often a two year lead time, underpins her approach to consistently attract, retain and nurture customer relationships. She touts her proudest successes when clients can directly attribute a sales spike to her Demand Generation efforts.

When not reviewing data and translating it into smart client strategies, Angie is on the ice or on the golf course. A competitive curler (how she met her husband, she had him at “good curling”) and golfer. She’s travelled the world through her athlete pursuits and in Portugal, she represented Canada at an international level, as the top finishing women’s pair, in the top ten.

An avid cook, she is known for jamming her freezer full of meals, with preparation instructions clearly labelled. Yes, even this she does with her trademark gusto.

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