Welcome to the Season of XD

We’ve had a long and very hot summer at Starshot. Temperature records outside have mirrored new heights for the number and type of programs we delivered our clients. We also took the opportunity to dive into a number of strategic internal operational enhancements and team training programs to ensure we are primed, agile, and expert enough to continue helping our clients shine during the fastly approaching watershed period occuring in the global technology industry.

This fall we dive into a period that marks the end of the incubation of numerous transformative technologies, a point where mobility, cloud, post-pc consumerization, big data and ubiquitous business intelligence converge and in turn spawn new B2B products and services.  We are on the verge of what will be remembered as the genesis point of computing’s next era presenting tremendous marketing opportunity for those able to read the waters and respond quickly.

Having a seat at the planning table with many of these brands has been an incredible experience for Starshot.  It has given us an opportunity to collaborate with our clients on some really transformative strategies that take bold, aggressive action to connect and inspire people in new ways.

All of our strategies are rooted in our proprietary experiential design (XD) methodology that arms our entire team with transformative techniques for creating rich and engaging marketing programs. We have embraced design thinking that builds less obvious and yet more impactful approaches connecting events, digital marketing and demand generation.

Sacred cows are sent to pasture, corporate buzzwords smoked out, bureaucracy vanquished and traditional one-way marketing replaced with a more honest, customer-centric narrative. Success for us is measured not only by the analytics behind our programs, but in the level of truthism and integrity we can bring to the customer experience. Honest dialogue, honest connections and delivering honest value is our mandate.

XD is our battle standard and we are looking forward to a very scrappy season indeed.

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