Branding Health Check – Are you Listening?

When it comes to branding, one thing is integral to success: what your customers think. With the rise of the Internet of Things and easier access to your customer base, it should be simple to glean the information needed in order to meet customer expectations. However, many brands do not use the consumer data they’re […]

A New Kind Of Call To Action

How’s your call to action? Does it get a lot of action? Is it any good? It’s always a little button that says “Request A Demo,” “Contact Us,” or “SUBMIT” (was the form written by a giant robot with a plan for world domination that includes collecting everyone’s name and email?). But what if it […]

The Data Delusion

Once upon a time, data was a rare and valuable commodity. We were careful warehousers of the scant statistics we had. Dependable data had always been hard to come by so many of us thought it was a Holy Grail that would sell products. The move to a full-digital society meant our ability to retain […]

8 Steps to an Amazing Subject Line

Every morning I grab my coffee, open my email on my cell phone, and quickly scan through my inbox to see if there’s anything pressing.  Then I look through the other stuff… you know, the messages that aren’t from your regularly scheduled associates. Most of the time, I delete the messages without even opening them.  […]

Landing Page Best Practices

A landing page is a stand-alone web page that visitors arrive at or “land” on, usually via hyperlink on another web page, in an email message or in search results. Landing pages are most often designed either to introduce a product or service and entice the visitor to click-through to learn more, or to capture […]

The Age of the Advocate

The key to advocacy is information. Honest, seemingly unvarnished information from people in the know. It’s a method of marketing that isn’t marketing, though it takes as much strategy as any other form of marketing. It isn’t new but it is getting more important.

The Value of Pessimists

There’s nothing I love more than hearing somebody tell my why something can’t be done. Okay, there are really a lot of things I love more. The point is, I’ve really come to realize the value of those frowny little conversational storm-clouds we all have in our lives. I was once inclined to dismiss them, […]

The Ins and Outs of Content Marketing

Sometimes the loudest voice in the room gets the most attention, but doesn’t make the best impression. Outbound marketing tactics, like radio or television ads, telemarketing, cold calling, direct mail and traditional advertising, are designed to cut through the noise and force an audience to pay attention. Inbound marketing is a bit like the quiet, […]

What Makes Good Design Great?

Good design is somewhat fundamental, and often gets lost in clutter. Great design has the potential to draw your audience in and create a lasting emotional connection to your product, service or brand. That is what makes great design worth the investment. So how can we use design to be more deliberate in our approach […]