The Value of Pessimists

There’s nothing I love more than hearing somebody tell my why something can’t be done. Okay, there are really a lot of things I love more. The point is, I’ve really come to realize the value of those frowny little conversational storm-clouds we all have in our lives. I was once inclined to dismiss them, like most people do, as an unnecessary source of negativity. Now, I always listen to them. I seldom obey… but I always listen.

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It’s easy to say no. Especially in a corporate environment. You get to be the one who ‘saves’ the project, company, whatever, from disaster without ever risking anything.

But remarkable things aren’t done by people saying no. Companies aren’t built on people who say no.

They rely on people who take risks and solve problems.

And the people playing Devil’s Advocate? The ones who say it can’t be done? Sometimes they have good reasons to say no to a project… in its current state. They are an early warning system for problems you’ll be facing. But where they may see problems as a reason to stop entirely, you can look at them as the hurdles you know you’ll have to clear before you reach your goal.

You can solve the problems they mention directly or re-imagine your approach to successfully reach your objective by other means. If you take the latter there’s a good chance that you’ll be forced into a totally new and unique approach. Which brings us to the next point.

I’m on the right track!

Objections regularly stem from just the fact that something is being done in an entirely new way. At that point, it’s important to wait for them to follow up with a reason why your plan won’t work. If there isn’t one, full steam ahead! Do something in marketing that people haven’t seen before? Are you kidding me? Of course I’m going to follow that path! There’s no better way to stand out than by doing what nobody else does.

Do the impossible

I think the nicest thing that comes from the pessimist is that they like to make the difficult seem like the impossible. We’re an agency who has spent a long time dealing with complicated problems and finding the most direct, effective ways to solve them.

Sometimes ‘impossible’ things are brought to us which are actually quite easy because we’ve handled similar situations before. Occasionally we get a totally new ‘impossible’ challenge to work away at. The great thing about those is that the eventual solution adds to the stockpile of impossible things we can do.

In either case, it’s a great feeling to be able to astound those who said something couldn’t be done.

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