3 Simple Social Techniques

Your big announcements are important in social media but you need to make sure you build an audience to hear them. We aren’t diving into the weeds of social strategy here. I just want to touch on three key things that might be holding back some companies who know they haven’t been doing social media well:

1. Regularity

In your overarching social media strategy, as in your diet, regularity is crucial. Not compulsiveness. Steady engagement between your high-value posts.

There are a lot of opinions out there telling you when and how often to post to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. No company is falling down because they post something half an hour earlier than suggested. The real challenge is to set a goal of posting regularly and sticking to it. Regardless of how busy you are.

Unless you’re assigning one person to spend their whole workday on social media, you’re not likely to be able to fit fifteen tweets, seven Facebook posts and a Slideshare presentation into one day. If you’re able to do that daily… your company has some bigger problems.

It takes determination to slush through ideas for content to post. It’s especially disheartening when you have very few followers. If I don’t see anything from you for a long period of time, there’s a good chance I’ll stop following you, unlike you or just generally forget who you are. You can’t build a following without something to follow.

2. Curate the curious

Creating interesting content to post regularly is a challenge. The onus doesn’t all have to fall on you though. Find what interests you on social media and repost it. Find what seems to interest your clients and repost that. Give some breathing space between your campaigning posts with things that might not have anything to do with your company but suit your market.

Whatever you’re selling, it’s probably not something your prospects read about all day. Hook them with things they do read about while working your pitch.

3. Campaign concurrently

Traditional logic: Plan a campaign. Launch a campaign. Finish a campaign. Start the next campaign.

Try crossing those streams like Ghostbusters. There’s nothing wrong with talking about two different services you offer. That way there’s a better chance you’ll be talking about it when a prospect needs it rather than when you’ve scheduled it. You don’t have to mash two fire-sales together. Neither do you have to stop talking about everything else you have or do just because you happen to be promoting one thing.

Experts will tell you about a dauntingly infinite number of things you need to do to build your social presence. Some of them are good. Some of them are digital snake-oil. None of them are as important as steadily building a social presence that is worth watching.

We’re always here to help make you the one to watch. Contact us.

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