360° of Marketing

You are a marketer, trying to find an agency as a helping hand to execute your campaign. You have multiple options on the table but are having a difficult time choosing an agency that would be the best fit for your needs. You are stuck between choosing agencies who are full service/integrated or highly specialized. Both types of agencies are excellent options, but the most successful type would be a collaboration of both. Integrated Agencies allow for everything involved in your campaign to be done under one roof. Specialized Agencies allow for an area of expertise that the agency excels at. The key to success in working with the right agency would be finding one that offers integrated services, but also specializes in your category of need. As a result, having all integrated marketing services in one place creates a thriving industry vertical.
Timing is everything. Marketing is advancing at an astonishing speed. An integrated-specialized agency evolves with these advancements by having all the required individuals involved in a campaign in a single place. Client value discussions are happening internally across teams, working collaboratively for you. It’s the benefit of having a 360-degree point of view across teams that try and look at reaching your goals holistically. With constant and effective communication, all projects can be done efficiently, since there is very little waiting around for responses.

Having a cross-disciplined team that is capable of applying their skills across a business is extremely beneficial. For example, at Starshot, an Events Associate would have many opportunities to work side by side with a Digital Designer. Over the course of multiple campaigns, both the designer and the events coordinator will learn from each other, gaining more knowledge about the area of expertise of their fellow teammate on the project. This is beneficial to you as a client because it allows for different outlooks to be contributed to your campaign from unique areas of expertise.

Team integration allows for more hands on deck rather than one marketer doing absolutely everything for a campaign. Having a team of specialized individuals in one place will guarantee you a smooth process of project execution. After all, what makes a marketer happier than an efficient, professional and high quality collaboration?

Need an agency to help you with your design, event or social media needs? Reach out to us and we can ensure a positive journey.

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