Starshot and Marques d’Elegance

Starshot is announcing today a new partnership with Marques d’Elegance, the premier luxury and supercar festival in North America.

Marques d’Elegance is an annual 3 day multi-faceted celebration of luxury brand vehicles. The event creates a world-class lifestyle experience where car enthusiasts can display and enjoy their moving works of art.

Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche, to name only a few of the exotic vehicles on display.  Add live music, food, spirits and fashion and you have a weekend that will both excite and inspire all who attend.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Starshot to take our event to a new level, attracting new fans and new corporate sponsors who see the value in our demographics” said Felice Cappellano, CEO, Marques d’Elegance.

The event continues to grow within the luxury car community and Greater Toronto Area and surrounding communities have embraced the festival. Marques d’Elegance is quickly becoming one of the must attend events in the automotive showcase calendar.

“Starshot is excited to be working with Marques d’Elegance to assist in elevating an already incredible event, into a world class, year round property. We believe that unique super car event experiences, custom branded content and an incredible audience demographic has tremendous value to a great number of potential partners “ said Brad Dalgarno, Managing Partner.

Starshot will work with event organizers to secure new corporate partners, media and local charities.

For more information, please contact:

Glenn Young
SVP, Sport and Lifestyle


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