Email Will Not Die and We Want to Tell You Why

As the landscape of engagement evolves, one constant still rings true. Email.

It is still here and every possible marketing research trends shows that email marketing is not going away anytime soon.

The ROI numbers unequivocally validate a marketing approach that uses a diversity of content vehicles to touch customers.  But the one consistency is that the very core of outbound/inbound marketing systems are compelling email that links into a central web hub that is highly relevant and valued by the audience. High quality content is the key but so is deploying this email in a way that respects privacy, captures important metrics seamlessly and also incorporates a level of marketing automation or lead scoring to flag potential prospects based on their responsiveness and behaviour.

Through our Demand Generation practice, Angie Anderson and her team of experts has been working with market leading technology companies such as Act-On to build effective lead nurture programs. Her group has a rigorous system of content development, deployment, capture, metrics and scoring that is producing tremendous results for some of the world’s largest companies. This doesn’t mean that these programs are only for the few that can work at this scale, rather, they are incredibly accessible and available with the right structure.

We are truly proud that Angie will be sharing this knowledge on Friday, June 6, 2014 in New York City at the Act-On Regional User Conference.

Starshot uses the Act-On solution in many of our client programs and we are advocates of its simple and responsive approach to campaign management. Check out the full case study here:


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