Telling the Starshot Story

What it means to be an agency has changed irreversibly driven by the accessibility of powerful marketing tools and the wholesale empowerment of the customer. Traditional models aren’t changing, they are long-dead and they suffered a gory, ham-fisted demise.

Good riddance we say.

Starshot was never created to be just another agency. We built our shop because we wanted to be different, to work differently and to disrupt the status quo. When marketing is undergoing such a rapid removal of barriers to entry, it is our belief that now is the time for people to rally around the fundamentals that still stand true.

• Good design will never mask crappy content
• Speak to people in a human voice and offer a valued contribution
• Talking more usually results in saying less

We thought that now would be a good time to tell our story. Our approach is still the same, we still like to think we work as outliers in our industry, and we continue to adapt through a commitment to constant creative destruction. Only by breaking apart what we do, stripping it down and building it up again can we improve.

This is Starshot.  This is our way.

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