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Since 2000 our vision has been to build a different type of agency. Today we remain committed to developing an organization that matters in the lives of our colleagues and our clients and holds a unique industry position. We have always enjoyed presenting a challenging and highly creative face to the world, one that reflects the collective personae and talents of our team. Recently we undertook the difficult task of reviewing and reconfirming the tenets that underpin our brand. Today, we’d like to introduce you to the new visual elements of our Starshot brand that were one of the results of our review process.

We’ve moved to refresh the Starshot identity in a way that advances our type face as well as evolves (some say retires) our “Starman” figure. Our new word mark is serif face based and features ligatures linking the letter “s” with those that follow. We chose this approach to communicate strength, continuity and legacy. Ligatures in font design are actually historic attributes that saved medieval manuscript scribes and Gutenberg typesetters time and resources and enhanced their designs. We’ve also developed our asterisk logo to function as sort of a character and symbol to call attention and suggest growth, radiance and, as it turns out, many things to many people that we never even considered!

The new look has already generated lots of opinions. That’s the great thing about doing something new, discovering the unexpected differences you make and the discussion you create. You’ll see our new logo and word mark applied across the various channels we use to communicate.

So share your thoughts, friend and Linkin or better yet, buy us a drink and let us know what your thoughts are on the new Starshot identity!

Brad and Brad

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