Ten Thoughts to Ponder for Every Aspiring Leader

As you enter the day, keep in mind that culture and results are like water.  Water always flows downward, dripping from the head onto the rest of the body.  If you expect results then you must set the tone.

Here are ten thoughts to ponder for every aspiring leader.…

1.Value your time first, show that you treat time as a commodity and invest this wisely to create results. Ask yourself if you are working at the highest possible level in the moment.
2.Your team will only aspire to your work ethic so it is important to understand that you alone set the benchmark.
3.By serving your team, you are demonstrating to them how to serve people and create value in the marketplace.
4.Challenge your team to work higher on the value curve by first doing so yourself; generate and share ideas freely and encourage others to do so constantly.
5.Work with a sense of pace and urgency if you expect others to follow.
6.Set the standard for quality by rejecting everything sub-standard.
7.Challenge conventional thinking and swiftly break patterns that aren’t working.
8.Keep talking with open, honest dialogue to your team.
9.You must clearly set expectations and outcomes, otherwise unfocused failure is inevitable.
10.Share praise freely and with humility, leaders are present to lift up their teams.



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