The Five Building Blocks of the Remarkable Marketer

As marketing has moved targets beyond the soft middle ground of mass audiences, more than ever there is a need to stand-out to the taste-makers on the fringes. By focusing on the edges, the marketer today is relying on people to notice and identify with their offering so that they can in turn tell others. But this is so much more difficult then it seems.

The challenge in becoming noticed is that to stand out, one has to become remarkable. That is, one has to become worthy of remark.

Attaining this coolness and originality is essential for people to actually want to talk about your business. When fueled by strategies that empower the broadcast of conversations with social media and content marketing platforms, one’s marketing can truly achieve the status of remarkable by embracing a few simple principles:

1. Tell a Story with Your Content – If you want to be recognized then it is so important to tell a story about your product, business or marketing objective. Make sure this has a human voice and that people can easily make this story their own.

2. Stop Thinking About Your Interests First – This is customer-centric marketing 101. Too many marketers still start their planning by addressing how they want customers to behave. People aren’t sheep and they won’t act how you want them to act so get over it. Instead just be smart and be original.

3. Ask the Question: Why? – This is the most useful question for any marketer and it revolves around the need to validate your tactics with the interests of the audience. Why will anybody care? Why would I want this? Why is this a remarkable opportunity for the customer?

4. Be the Outsider – If you want interested taste-makers at the fringe of the mass market to take notice, you have to be on the fringe in your approach. This means being contrarian at heart. Harness the punk rocker inside of you and market from the outside. Don’t compete with another me-too campaign – pick a fight with competitor, do something brave and non-conformist for your industry, be a gad fly, step towards the edges of what is expected.

5. Details are Cool – Think of hipsters scouring their vintage clothing stores looking for that special throw-back item that puts their super cool outfit over the top. Coolness is in the details, whether this is unique package design or the subtleties of email layouts or the décor of your next big event. Make the small details cool and the whole intent will follow along.


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