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Traffic Management Isn’t Just for Agencies

Today’s fast-paced organizations are filled with hard working people that seem to be running on an endless treadmill of lofty expectations. Like waves on a beach, the daily grind of work can feel relentless and as though the very nature of how work is done actually discourages productivity.
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    Starshot Profile: Angie Anderson

    Lead of Starshot’s Demand Generation practice, Angie Anderson looks beyond immediate client needs to anticipate long-term business objectives. An equal mix of visionary, motivator and competitive athlete, Angie tackles everything with her signature gusto. Read more


      Windows 8 Global Launch NYC

      Blog IconFor the global launch of Windows 8, Starshot led an exclusive event strategy for key executives, introducing them to the much anticipated Windows 8 release in a strategic, original and unforgettable way. This V.I.P. event experience spanned two days based around the transformation of Times Square into the world’s largest showroom, an immersive art installation at Pier 57 and a private concert by Adam Levine. The event culminated in a consumer frenzy as Microsoft’s own retail outlets debuted Windows 8 to the masses. Read more


        Starshot & Hope Rising 2012

        Starshot is once again very proud to focus its event program management strength in support of Hope Rising 2012. This spectacular event is the annual mission critical fundraiser for the Stephen Lewis Foundation and will feature Annie Lennox and Angelique Kidjo. Now the most sought-after event ticket in Toronto, Hope Rising 2012 will be presented the evening of November 7 at Roy Thomson Hall. The Stephen Lewis Foundation works to turn the tide of HIV/AIDS in Africa and has funded over 700 initiatives, partnering with 300 community-based organizations in the 15 African countries hardest hit by the pandemic. A great organization, driving real change – the perfect match for Starshot.


          Welcome to the Season of XD

          We’ve had a long and very hot summer at Starshot. Temperature records outside have mirrored new heights for the number and type of programs we delivered our clients. We also took the opportunity to dive into a number of strategic internal operational enhancements and team training programs to ensure we are primed, agile, and expert enough to continue helping our clients shine during the fastly approaching watershed period occuring in the global technology industry. Read more


            Greek Philosophers & Persuasive Marketing

            Ancient Greek philosophers characterize persuasion as displaying three primary qualities. The first quality is that of trust. This is typified by an earned reputation based on past experience and performance. A modern analogy is that you would prefer a heart surgeon who has completed hundreds of operations much more than you would trust a heart surgeon that is highly regarded and fresh out of medical school. As marketers, we can translate this into the need for having quality products or services. The products that we are marketing have to provide credible value to the marketplace for a marketer to earn trust. Trust is amplified when quality is applied over time.… Read more


              Reproductive Thinking

              We are programmed for safety and survival and are drawn to repetition. Opting for the known and comfortable has kept us close to the fire and the wolves at bay. Today we follow our daily routes to and from work. We buy favourite brands uniformly designed for availability, recognition and consumption. Then, following the commute, we just settle down out in the valley for a gin martini, a little Kelly… Read more


                Ten Thoughts to Ponder for Every Aspiring Leader

                As you enter the day, keep in mind that culture and results are like water.  Water always flows downward, dripping from the head onto the rest of the body.  If you expect results then you must set the tone.

                Here are ten thoughts to ponder for every aspiring leader.… Read more


                  Keeping the Romance In Your Marketing

                  Business development and marketing is most often tied towards the end result which is getting the sale.  But in keeping with human nature, we default to crossing the finish line  and getting the sale in the shortest possible way with the minimal of effort.

                  So our marketing becomes like a bad pick-up artist in a bar.  Sure their bad lines might work once in a while but if it does the result is typically short-term relationships filled with regrets. Sadly, the good customers  can spot this over-eager approach a mile away and will avoid you like the plague.

                  What we all really want is long-term, sustainable relationships with our clients and this means that marketers need to understand how to be alluring.  Nobody wants to work with anyone whose sole intent is to take your money and ring up a sale as quickly as possible.… Read more


                    Unlocking the Sweet Serendipity of Ideas

                    It is interesting how frequently the concept of being creative is thought of as an abstract moment in time. As if this process is a tap that can be turned on and off at will by the legions of creative-types whose sole responsibility is to daydream the next big idea.

                    The act of generating creative thought is in fact hard work that starts far upstream from the time that ideas are required. Creative thinking must be fed and nurtured continuously, just like any high value skill set, otherwise when it is called upon the likelihood of success is negligible.
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