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The ROI of CRM

NPS, CPL, B2B… in our world of sales and marketing jargon the acronyms are endless! One you might want to pay special attention to (if you’ve not already) is CRMCustomer Relationship Management. CRM acts as a one stop shop functioning as a data hub, sales tracker, and reporting tool all in one and is an essential must have to effectively stay connected and grow the funnel. If your organization is lacking a robust CRM in place, you may be ready to ditch the spreadsheets for the right platform. How can you ensure you are fully maximizing your investment and getting the most out of your CRM?

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    The New Golden Age of Video

    In a world where business sells to business…

    The first things that leap to mind when we talk video on the internet are either pirated big budget features, painful accidents for teenagers to guffaw at or the omnipresent cute animals doing humanish things.

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      The Slippery Shopper

      I don’t need to tell you that the customer is a slippery fish. You’re here because you know that and you need to stay on top of the game. You know that every year consumers come to the checkout a little more informed by product spec-sheets and customer reviews.

      It’s been a long journey since the inception of e-commerce in 1991 and, since then, the only constant has been change. Small-fry shops like Amazon that were spawned in people’s garages have become dominant market forces with the power to decimate many traditional retailers. Some see this as a threat but the smart money is on seeing the opportunity. As new technologies destabilize old channels, early adopters can gain a lot of ground in a short time.
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        Reignite the Flame: 5 Tactics for Gaining Customer Retention

        Modern B2B companies know the struggle is real when it comes to maintaining a consistent flow of new business opportunities, as approximately 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales (source: MarketingSherpa). But preceding the purchasing stage, at the very brink of the funnel opening—long before discussions of product and price occur—is where the magic really happens. Think about it: at one point in time, your current customers were prospects too, whose attention you caught somewhere along the way with your branding or content to display your unique value proposition. Let’s dig a little deeper here.

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          Thinking About Omni-Channel?

          Omni-Channel is a term you’ve probably heard a lot over the past few years. It may sound like the buzz word du jour, but it’s changing the way companies work whether they’re selling pucks, trucks, or ducks. It’s kind of a big deal, really.

          But what does it mean for your business? In a nutshell, it’s reaching your customers on their terms. You need to anticipate buying behavior and being ready… and you can bet your competition is already doing it! Read more


            The App-wardly Mobile

            When I was young, I knew people who would just leave the television on one channel because they couldn’t find the remote control. Now sometimes I can see the remote in front of me but don’t want to bend forward to pick it up so I just change the channel with an app on my phone.
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            5 Reasons You Need a LinkedIn Page Now

            When LinkedIn first made its appearance back in 2003, I was convinced that it was destined to be at best a peer-to-peer business social networking service – at worst… a glorified job seeking site. Fast forward to today, and LinkedIn has proven to be an integral tool in creating a business presence – whether you’re a start-up or a Fortune 500 company.

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            Don’t dismiss the power of the Tweet

            Twitter allows businesses access to market to more than 320 million monthly active users around the world. That’s roughly the population of the United States. Any business today that is looking to reach out to end users or other businesses needs to understand the value that Twitter represents. So, how do you connect to this large network?
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              7 Tips to be more “Likeable”

              Social media is quickly becoming the great equalizer when it comes to business. In essence any company can make a significant impact… if they know what they’re doing.

              For example, let’s look at Facebook. What makes one company “likeable” versus another who may struggle to get their message out? The answers may surprise you. Here are 7 things you can do to be a Facebook force to contend with.
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                Stepping into the Cloud

                We already know that cloud computing is here as more and more people are accessing their work from multiple devices on-the-go. These days we can get the job done no matter where we are (you can’t escape work now, even if you’re on the golf course). Could it be possible the cloud will continue on its dominant path?
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